I-Pay-Tax Complaint Form

License plates
This form is used to report Massachusetts residents who are evading taxes by improperly registering their vehicle in another state. This form must be filled out completely and accurately for the violation to be investigated. All information will be kept strictly confidential.
You can download the I-Pay-Tax Complaint Form here and then mail the completed form to:
I-Pay-Tax Compliance
2nd Floor
P.O. Box 55889
Boston, MA 02205-5889
You may also fax the completed form to (617) 351-9560.
Reports can also be made by calling the "I PAY TAX" hotline at 1-800-472-9829
You may also fill out the form below and we will contact the RMV for you. The form below only needs to be completed if you are not going to complete the attached "I-Pay-Tax Complaint Form" and send it to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.
Please provide the following information: