A Message from the Board of Selectmen - 1/10/2023 Meeting

A Message from the Board of Selectmen 

In our January 11, 2023 Board of Selectmen meeting, we discussed a few very important items.

First, we offer our official congratulations to Kevin Roy, our new Deputy Fire Chief. He has his pinning ceremony during the meeting and we are proud of the great work he and Chief Kessler have accomplished in the last 6 months in our Fire department.

Second, we were notified of a break in within our Town Hall building that just occurred. The Town Administrator is already engaged with the Police Department to look into the matter and recommended we look into the issue further through the use of a third-party investigator. The Board of Selectmen takes the security of our buildings as well as any potential criminal misconduct very seriously and approved the request.

Lastly, there have been additional complaints brought to the attention of the Town Administrator over the last couple of months in addition to items resulting from the operational assessment that were troubling enough to warrant a request to investigate them further. The Board of Selectmen approved that request as we support our Town Administrator and her ability to manage the day-to-day operations of the town. We empower her to investigate issues as they arise.

We ask that everyone be patient and refrain from speculation on the matters until more information is obtained and related investigations concluded.  Below are links to the recorded meeting and the Operational Assessment.  Thank you.