Canal Street Improvements Kickoff

Canal Street Improvements Kicked Off on March 17, 2023.  
The Canal Street Improvement Project is the first in a series of planned safety and aesthetic improvements in Blackstone. 
Selectwoman Mary Bulso applied and was awarded $400,000 from the first round of Complete Streets Grants. The Town can apply for up to $400,000 during each Complete Streets Grant cycle. Once this improvement project is completed, she will be applying for another $400,000 in the next round.

The Town has contracted with Aqua line Utility Inc. after a formal bid process. The project is currently acquiring required materials and construction will commence construction in May 2023.

The goal is to create more of a “village feel” and connect the area to downtown Blackstone. Canal Street (between the parking area) and St. Paul Street is the main target for the funding, with improvements expected to continue down St. Paul Street toward Main Street.  The improvements will include new sidewalks, along with streetlights and a more visually appealing safety rail.  

Special thank you to Selectwoman Bulso for applying on behalf of the Town, Senator Fattman, Representative Soter, and the Board of Selectmen for supporting her first-round application of Complete Streets Grants.  
BOS - Canal Street - 2023.03.17