Department Profile

The Blackstone Fire Department proudly protects and serves a 10.5 square mile residential community with a population of about 9,300 residents.

The Department consists of a full time chief, (10) ten full time firefighter/ paramedics and (16) Sixteen on-call members that provide 24/7 fire and ambulance service. The full time members work a twenty-four hour shift on a rotating schedule in groups of two to three. The call members compliment the full time crew on all major incidents.

The Department has three stations, two which are unmanned.

Station one (manned) 15 St. Paul Street: 508-883-1030

Station two (unmanned) 666 Rathbun Street: 508-883-7112

Station three (unmanned) 132 Elm Street: 508-883-8140

Out of these three stations, we operate (4) four front line engines, one ladder truck, two ambulances, one brush truck, two off road tankers, one boat, and one specialty / dive truck.