Well 8 Design & Bidding

Schedule Update
The schedule for completing the 3-phase electric service installation, and the design and bidding for construction of the Well 8 pump house is as follows:
Well 8 - 3-Phase Electric Service Installation
  • A DPW crew installed the conduit, oil containment wall and transformer pad, in coordination with Weston & Sampson’s electrician, during the last week of June.
  • National Grid will run a mandrel through the conduit from Park Street to the transformer pad in July.
  • National Grid should then be in a position to pull the 3-phase primary cable through the conduit from Park Street to the transformer pad and set the transformer, by the end of August.
Well 8 - Design and Bidding Schedule
  • During the third week of June Woodard and Curran provided the SCADA design to Weston & Sampson, which has been included in the bid package prepared by Weston & Sampson.
  • An ad was placed in the Central Register on Tuesday 07-10-12. Weston & Sampson will submit the final Plans, Specifications and Cost Estimate to the Town and place an ad in a local newspaper by Wednesday 08-18-12.
  • Filed Sub-bids will be opened on Thursday 08-09-12. General bids will be opened on Thursday 08-23-12.
  • The construction contracts should be ready for signing by Tuesday 09-25-12 and if they are executed when anticipated, construction would begin around the end of October.