Capital Outlay Committee

The Capital Outlay Committee was established to review and make reccommendations on all Capital projects that had a greater than a $15,000 value with a life expectancy of five years or greater.  Currently, projects costing over $35,000 require recommendation from the Capital Outlay Committee, before a 2/3 vote at the Annual Town Meeting to withdraw funds from the Capital Trust.  The Capital Investment Fund, also know as the Capital Trust Fund, has been in existence since its legislation in 2001.  

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
James Watson Finance Committee - Chairman
Owen Bebeau Planning Board - Vice-Chairman
Robert Dubois Board of Selectmen - Member
Jonathan Savoie Finance Committee - Member
Gerald Rivet Board of Selectmen - Member
Kasey Bik Blackstone Collector/Treasurer - Member
Anthony Catalano Planning Board - Member