Building Department/Inspectional Services


The Building & Inspectional Services Department enforces the State Building Code, Uniform Plumbing and Gas Code, State Mechanical Code, State Electrical Code, Architectural Access Board Regulations, and the Town of Blackstone Zoning By-Laws. This involves plan review, permit issuance and the inspection of all building, electrical, plumbing, gas and mechanical construction in the Town of Blackstone, including new structures, additions, alterations and repairs/renovations.
In addition to inspections of new construction, the department is responsible for inspecting and issuing Certificates of Inspection for all existing places of assembly (movie theaters, religious institutes, schools, taverns, restaurants, recreational facilities, and bleachers) educational uses (schools and day care facilities) and all residential uses other than one and two-family dwellings (multi-family dwellings, hotels, motels and group dwellings.)
The department is also responsible for enforcing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Architectural Access Board Regulations as it relates to handicapped accessibility to buildings.

Municipal Inspectors

  • Vincenzo Tirone, Building Commissioner
  • Rick Heim, Building Inspector
  • Craig Casavant, Electrical Inspector
  • David Dionne, Assistant Electrical Inspector
  • James Paige, Plumbing & Gas Inspector
  • Kurtis Paterson, Assistant Plumbing & Gas Inspector
  • Brittany Eldridge, Municipal Secretary

Contact Brittany Eldridge to set up your inspections at (508) 883-1500 ext 130

Questions or Complaints?

Our office offers the ability to submit inquiries and complaints via the web form links listed below.  When submitting a request or complaint, please consider providing any relevant information or attachments that may assist with a timely response.

Online permitting now available


Services Inquiry Request Form


The Office of Inspectional Services recognizes that navigating through building codes, zoning bylaws, permits, applications, and obtaining information related to real estate listings, conservation concerns, potentially developable land type questions, or other changes in use/occupancy, etc. can be daunting.  


Our goal is to work with you, and to facilitate strategic growth within our great town.


To better assist you and address your concerns/requests properly and timely, please complete our Services Inquiry Request Form


Due to the technical nature of certain questions/requests, please be advised that an accurate response may take up to ten (10) business days from the date of your request.


Inspectional Services Complaint Form


To bring a complaint regarding a Zoning or Building Code violation to the attention of the Inspectional Services Department, please submit our Inspectional Services Complaint Form.


Please review the Town of Blackstone Bylaws and the Town of Blackstone Zoning Bylaws and whenever possible please reference the Bylaw that you believe is not being adhered to.  Please note that this form is not intended to address civil or matters between private parties.


Please be advised that it may take up to ten (10) business days from the date the Inspectional Services Department receives the written complaint for a decision by the Building Commissioner.  Once submitted this form will be part of the public record.


If you would like to know the outcome of an investigation you must contact or visit the Inspectional Services Department.



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Vincenzo Tirone Building Commissioner
Brittany Eldridge Municipal Secretary (508)883-1500 ext.130