Testing at CVS in Bellingham

Soter Announces Bellingham CVS Location will Administer Pharmacy Drive-Thru COVID Testing Bellingham, MA – On May 28th, 2020 CVS announced another wave of community-based testing in Massachusetts. CVS is offering self-swab testing to those who meet the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s criteria. As of May 29th, the tests will be administered at the CVS location on Pulaski Boulevard in Bellingham. An appointment is required to be tested and must be made online. Patients are required to verify their eligibility by describing their symptoms through an online form. Patients will then confirm the date and time of their appointment. Upon arrival of the specified date and time, patients should drive up to the pharmacy window, receive the test kit from the pharmacist, and swab their own nose in their car. The swab should then be placed into the transport container which is placed into a storage bag. Finally, this storage bag is to be placed in a large container outside of the pharmacy window. The kits are then sent to off-site to be tested. Results should be expected back within three days. CVS predicts that up 50 tests a day will be conducted at each of their qualified locations. The company ensured the public that its employees participating in the testing process will be required to wear personal protective equipment and follow the store’s sanitization protocols after each patient visit. Representative Soter commented, “This is a valuable asset for Bellingham and the surrounding communities. I’m so appreciative of CVS for choosing the Bellingham location. I’ve been advocating for the expansion of testing in my communities. More tests will be administered, and this will help with fighting and tracking the spread of the virus in our communities.” Soter finished by reminding constituents that an appointment is necessary and that upon arrival proof of identity and in-state residence is required. Testing for CVS Pharmacy, 370 Pulaski Boulevard, Bellingham, MA 02019 will be scheduled online at: https://www.cvs.com/minuteclinic/covid-19-testing ###