Abutter's List

To obtain an abutter's list click on the link below after you have read the following:
First, locate the property for which an abutter's list is needed. You will need either the map & lot, the location, or the owner's last name. Enter your chosen search criteria in the search bar. A list appear with the search results. Click on the option you would like.This will bring you to a site with a map of the parcel, highlighted in yellow.
Next, click on abutters icon.  
Choose the search distance you require (example: 100', 200', etc.).
If you need a certified abutter's list, you may either come into the office and drop the list off or you may fax the list to 508-876-5109. We will certify your list as soon as is possible and return it to you. 
The fee for a certified abutters list, including the mailing labels, is $10.00. The Assessors Office accepted cash or checks.
Please Note;
The online database for property information and mapping is updating only once a year, in January. Recent changes in ownership, mailing address, parcel boundaries and areas may not be reflected online.
Contact the Assessor's Office at 508-883-1500 Ext. 122 should you have any questions.