The Board is supervised by the Department of Revenue's Division of Local Services, as provided by Chapter 58 of the General Laws. The Division of Local Services reviews the Board's assessment procedures every three years and certifies that property is being assessed at its full and fair cash value by auditing the Board of Assessors' records and procedures.
The Board of Assessors performs cyclical inspections of the property in Blackstone. The inspection process is mandated by the Department of Revenue, inspection of properties is an ongoing project. The goal is to inspect approximately 1/4 of all properties each year, thus inspecting 100% of the Town every four years. the purpose of these inspections is to maintain correct property record files.
The Blackstone Board of Assessors hire well qualified independent contractors to do these inspections. The inspection schedules of streets will be made available on this Website. If you for any reason do not wish a representative to measure your home, please notify the Assessor's office at 508-883-1500, ext 121 or 122.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Establish and maintain the valuations, assessments and classifications of all real and personal property within the Town of Blackstone for the purpose of generating tax revenues.
  • Assess all property at its full and fair market value as of January 1 of each year.
  • Process abatements and apportionment, maintain assessors' maps, plans, property transfer records and valuation data 
  • Process requests for valuation adjustments and issuing any appropriate abatements
  • Process Statutory Exemptions on real estate property 
  • Commit all motor vehicle excise taxes and abatements

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Patricia J. Salamone Assistant Assessor
Kasey A. Bik Administrative Assistant

Board Members

Name Title
Franscena Schandelmayer-Davis Chairman
Robert A. Gilbert Vice Chairman