Police Department


Mission Statement

In partnership with our community, the Blackstone Police Department strives to provide the highest quality of protection, safety and well being for all of our residents, businesses and visitors. In furtherance of this goal, our Department implements a proactive approach in the prevention, detection and investigation of criminal activity. The most vital tool available to us is the assistance, involvement and interaction of the citizens we have pledged to serve. It is our hope that this webpage may serve as a bridge between the community and the police department, allowing a free exchange of information, ideas, and feedback, in order to create safer neighborhoods and foster public trust in our Department.  
Chief Ross A. Atstupenas

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Ross A. Atstupenas Chief
Gregory Gilmore Lieutenant, Sex Offender Contact, Records Access Officer
Mathew Mantoni Sergeant ( 2nd Shift )
Kevin Luis Sergeant ( 1st Shift )
Shawn Brodeur Sergeant ( 3rd Shift )
Daniel Giardino Patrolman
David Blanchette Patrolman
Joseph Niemczyk School Resource Officer, Child Safety Seat Contact (Day Shift 7-5)
Greggory Haynes Patrolman
Anthony Lungarini Patrolman
Travis Loether Detective
Craig Metz Patrolman
Maxwell Hurwitz Patrolman
Patrick Daigle Patrolman
David Laudon Patrolman
Michael Pavone, Jr. Patrolman
Gregory Tappan Patrolman
Christopher Johnson Patrolman
Bettina Weber Full-Time Dispatcher
Albert Dugas Full-Time Dispatcher
Sande Farrington Full-Time Dispatcher
Jake Mastrianna Full-Time Dispatcher