Stay informed with CODE RED


The Town of Blackstone has contracted with Emergency Communications Network to license its CodeRED high speed notification system. The CodeRED system provides Blackstone officials the ability to quickly deliver critical messages to targeted areas or the entire town in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate action. This system is capable of dialing the entire town within minutes. It delivers a recorded message from the Town Administrators office describing the situation and any instructions for immediate or future action. The message will play when answered by a live person or an answering machine and makes three attempts to connect to each number. If you opt-in for text message and/or e-mail alerts those will also be sent.

Fire Chief Michael Sweeney claims that such systems are only as good as the telephone database supporting them. “If your phone number is not in the database you will not be called.” One of the reasons the CodeRED system was selected is it gives individuals and businesses the ability to add their own phone numbers directly into the system’s database; this is an extremely important feature.

Please do not assume that your number is in the system. We have entered many residential and business numbers that were in the 911 system but numbers change due to many reasons and the system needs to be updated on occasion.

PRIVACY: Your contact information remains private and will only be used for critical communications.

JOIN THE CODERED DATABASE: If you reside or own property, including a business within Blackstone you are urged to sign up for CodeRED emergency messages.

Click below to register now or update information:

CodeRED registration

This system will only be used for emergency and life safety purposes. Examples of times when the system could be utilized: Drinking water contamination, extended utility outages, evacuation notice and route, missing person, fires, floods, bomb threat, hostage situation, chemical spill or gas leak and other incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential for life safety.

If you have any difficulty in submitting your information, or at any time wish to be removed from the CodeRED database, please send your information by E-mail or call 508-883-1030.