Abutter's List

To obtain an abutter's list click on the link below after you have read the following:
You will need either the map & lot, the location, or the owner's last name. A list will come up of perhaps several owners with the same last name, click on the one you want.
This now brings you to a site with a map of the property you chose highlighted in yellow. Click on Abutters, which is the 4th icon down under the paintbrush.  
Choose "search distance" which is always set at 50 feet, you may leave it at the 50 or change it to any other distance, such as 100 or 300 and the screen will accommodate that request and you now have a new list.
If you need a "Certified Abutter's List" you may either come into the office and drop the list off or you may fax the list to 508-876-5109 at which time we will certify your list as soon as is possible and return it to you.
Mailing labels are also available for the names listed in the Abutter's List, however, some of these owners may have sold their property since the last time this list was updated, therefore, the new owner should be notified. Click on "download" for either a spreadsheet and/or mailing labels. You now should be able to send these to your printer.
Contact the Assessor's Office at 508-883-1500 Ext. 122 should you have any questions.